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Change the length of your paper WITHOUT changing any of the content.

If you haven't hit your minimum page requirement, you can either write more, or use papaerexpander.com. Here's how:

  1. Paste your paper into the box below
  2. Hit the "Expand" button
  3. Use the sliders to expand the paper to how you like it

After hitting submit, your UNEXPANDED paper will appear below.

Change the length by moving the four sliders below.

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Empty space between letters:
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A quick video tutorial

How it Works

Our Software expands your paper in four nearly undetectable ways:

  1. Increase the space between each letter
  2. Increase the font size of periods
  3. Increase the font size of lower case "t"s
  4. Increase the font size of commas

Once you paste your documnet into the top box and hit submit, you can choose how to change the length with the sliders above.


Although it is extremely dificult to tell if a paper has gone through expansion on this website, caution should alway be used.

www.paperexpander.com is a FREE tool that helps students expand their papers WITHOUT changing any of the content.

Development of this websites started in 2018 and is constantly being improved.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know by emailing paperexpander.com@gmail.com